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Site Art Inspiration

The paper bird shape on our home page is an example of Origami (Japanese: ori, to fold, and kami, paper lit. "folding paper") - an ancient Asian art of paper-folding which originated in China in the first or second century AD and spread to Japan as early as the sixth century AD.
Origami inspired us at Dietzgen since both origami and Dietzgen use paper as the standard medium and the potential creative uses for both are limitless. Moreover, origami is inextricably linked to mathematics (flat-foldability - whether the origami model can be flattened without damaging it; the use of paper folds to solve mathematical equations) as is the use of Dietzgen media for engineering and architectural drawings.
We want you to be as creative with our Dietzgen media as the Japanese and others have been with origami. See some examples below: