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752 Cheap 'N Tacky - 38# Water-Resistant Coated Bond with Permanent Adhesive
753 Cheap 'N Good - 48# Water-Resistant Coated Bond
759 Blue Velvet
764 Cotton Poly Matte Canvas
765 100% Cotton W/R Canvas
768 W/R Canvas
769 Bob Picasso
784 8mil Universal Gloss
785 8mil universal Satin
790 8mil Microporous Satin
791 8mil Microporous Gloss

900 W/R 15mil Scrim Vinyl S/R

902 W/R Bright White PolyPro

903 W/R Bright White PolyPro PSA

905 W/R Bright White S/R Vinyl PSA
906 W/R 10mil Tyvek Banner S/R
908 W/R 17mil Scrim B/O Vinyl S/R
910 W/R Bright White Satin Cloth